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Today, it’s becoming extremely difficult for established, up-coming or even start-up brands to negotiate on right location vis-a-vie the right price. It’s evident that the company owned outlets remain limited, so identifying the right franchisee/operator is another challenge. We assist brands in identifying prime retail locations all over India and also help them in getting franchisees. We specialize in successful transferring of existing outlets. We help you negotiate with all the malls across country at zero cost.

Location Analysis

  • Accessibility issues
  • Review of relevant residential micro markets
  • Availability of social infrastructure (schools, hospitals, entertainment clubs etc.)
  • Client discussions and recommendations


  • Finding suitable franchisees
  • Deal finalization
  • Legal verification


  • Bank proposal
  • Private equity


  • Negotiation with developer
  • Legal verification
  • Finalization and closure

Project Management

  • Interior fit-outs