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“It’s been indeed a great experience working with ROI Consulting from a long time now. 

ROI is one of the best channel partners we have worked with. Its professional approach and employees having fruitful knowledge about the product they are selling have helped many like me in hour of need. The clientage you people have is amongst the best in the class. Let us continue with the same enthusiasm to sell like we did in the past. 
All the very best for future.”
- Nitin Wahii
Sr. Manager – Sales
Unitech Limited

“It has been my pleasure and proud privilege to be associated with the entire team of ROI Consulting.

Mr. Gaurav Bahl is a true visionary and industry stalwart having tremendous insight about the dynamics of real estate market in India. He combines his rich industry experience along with personalised assistance towards executing transactions for his clients, right from prospect profiling, market research, competitor analysis, product detailing, interaction with developers and timely execution of deals in the best interests of the clients.

The biggest asset of ROI Consulting is that they have a young, dynamic and an energetic team with excellent market knowledge and an eye for detail. Akhilesh and Ahmad are true gems and very focused team leaders. I wish them all the very best in their future endeavors and truly commit to having a lifelong professional relationship with them.” 
Warm Regards
- Parikshit Chopra
Manager - Sales
IREO Developers

“This is regarding my association with ROI, for which I would like to send few words of appreciation.

My association with ROI started 3 years back when I met Mr Ahmad in one of the Property Exhibition. Though I did not enter into any of the transaction at that time but I found ROI advice genuine and unbiased. Later on, I called him at my home to know all possible options to invest in property without roaming around and could finalise the one which met my requirement. I am happy with that investment as It has grown very well in last 2-3 years.

After this I did many other investments with their expertise and transparent information. I have had good appreciations on all these investments. Based on such experience, I am happy and assured that in case of any investment related advice and knowledge, there is one window where I can turn to and get all solutions to my needs. Keep it Up, ROI!”
Best Regards
- Pawan Gupta

“I would like to place on record the wonderful service you and your company have extended to me in these past few years.

It was merely by chance that I read about the Property Fair being held at the Epi Center, Gurgaon and decided to pay a visit there; I must mention here that I was very much in need of good advice and guidance to invest in real estate, and I was completely ignorant about this aspect. But to my good luck, the first stall at the Fair was ROI CONSULTING, and I decided to approach them not knowing as to what I was coming up against. But to my surprise I was greeted with warmth and understanding. The staff was very helpful and kind and I felt I did not have anything to bother about further, since I was convinced that I will be guided and looked after well.

It has been a few years now since that day at the Epi Center, and I have never looked back, ROI has not only been helping me in Real Estate Investments, but have also taken care of me as one of their family members, and this is awe inspiring. 
I would like to personally thank Akhilesh Sharma, for giving me such good advice and guidance, and being a true friend in need.  It is very rare that one comes across an exceptionally good human being, and an extremely efficient person as Mr. Akhilesh Sharma.

A bit about myself, I am F.P. Latouche, residing at Central Park 1, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon, I am a retired airline employee. THANK YOU ‘ROI Consulting’ for the wonderful help and care you have extended to me till date. I wish you all the success and prosperity in the future; please convey my best wishes to your staff and a very big Thank You to you again.”
- F.P.Latouche

“In the times when loss of credibility, be it at individual level or institutional level, has become the biggest issue, ROI Consulting comes across as a name whom we can trust in absolute terms as group of investors. Their understanding and knowledge about the product that they recommend is incredible and with all this, the amazing after sales service is real icing on the cake. I always believe that in our society, there has always been acute scarcity of sincerity, honesty & credibility and there is always a big demand of what is in short supply. ROI Consulting with all these three virtues in abundance are bound to go places even in their next endeavours. All the best...”
- Dr. Sanjeev Khattar
New Delhi

“It’s been about a year since our association with ROI, they are totally professional and experts in their domain. We are very delighted to have our association with ROI. Keep up the Good Work!”
Warm Regards
- Shyam
Founder Director
Brand Baron Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

“ROI Consulting is a premier client of Magicbricks since 2010 and has always participated with us in all our expos enthusiastically and efficiently. They are ethically sound in their transactions and dealings”
Warm Regards
- Apoorv Ailawadi- Area Sales Manager

“What is your vision of success? Is it having the opportunity to wake up every morning and look forward to going to work?

That’s mine, and I am fortunate enough to live it through ROI. When I started with this company in Dec of 2006 I had no idea the level of innovation, intelligence and integrity I would have the pleasure of working with on a daily basis. The friendly atmosphere is another benefit of the job. I've never known of another corporate company that works so hard to motivate and reward its employees. ROI recognizes that we are not just employees, but we are people, with lives and families. They support a well rounded lifestyle and are flexible enough to work with us as individuals with individual needs. I am proud to say I work for ROI and look forward to the new and innovative challenges I will face with them in the future.”
Thanks and Regards
- Akhilesh Sharma
Director – Sales & Marketing

“Joining ROI has been one of the best decisions of my life! Since joining ROI, I have had several challenging and exciting opportunities to lead a variety of projects. I have practically grown up at ROI as far as my career is concerned. I joined here as a raw youngster, and the kind of exposure I have received has been phenomenal and has helped me mould myself into a well-rounded professional.

Hard work deserves great rewards, and ROI gives you that and more. When I started with ROI over 5 years ago, I never imagined I would be in the position that I am in today. It has been an exciting and inspiring journey for me so far and one that I very much hope to continue.”
Thanks & Regards
- Ahmad Rizwan
AGM – Sales & Marketing